For small and medium businesses, Excessive costs on human resource will be taken if they hire their own engineers. With our services conveniently available, you will find no need for these costs and headaches caused from various troubles with the computer will be just saved.
We maintain and support your computer systems with detailed services specified as system recovery, desktop help, virus prediction and protection. Facility archive setup, maintenance report delivery, etc. The customer could get our engineers regularly or temporarily for the on site services. They could also have our guidance via a phone call.
To meet all different kinds of requests from our customers, We offer various services including software development, Lotus Notes support and development, website hosting and maintenance.
We have a complete technical archive, effective management system, and most importantly, we possess the loyalty to the customer. These features of us could ensure a stable performance of your computer systems.
  • Help with desktop and network maintenance
  • Set up facility archives
  • Regular and temporary onsite services
  • Responsive at the customer’s immediate demand
  • System Recovery
  • Virus prediction and protection
  • Hardware upgrading
  • Maintenance report delivery
  • Related consulting services
  • Regular onsite service
  • Onsite services at the random requests from the customers
  • Hotline support
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Qingdao......
  System Supported
WindowsXP, Windows7, Vista, Windows98, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003... Linux server and client: RedHat, CentOS ... Macintosh and OS system support ...
China Medical Tribune, Since 1999, We provide IT service: desktop help, website design and maintenance, software development and IT Consulting.

Nycomed (China) Since 2000, We provide desktop help, network mainentance, web and mail system hosting, IT consulting.